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WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost there is little anyone can do
Click here to buy shipping insurance

Need any more be said ?

ScottOiler are the market leaders in automated chain lubrication technology.

Whilst present stocks last, we are offering the ScottOiler universal kit for just 67.99 ! Save 10 on the RRP by ordering now !
If you are not in the UK, click here for special deal !!
( postage rate 9)

Another winter special from Jaws !
Price dropped to just 37.50 while stocks hold out.( Postage rate 4 )
Why suffer the misery of cold hands when for under 40 you do not have to !

Don't let you battery die while the bike is stood up.
Keep it in tip top condition no
matter how long it is left with an
BikeTek Pro-3
battery charger/conditioner.

This is really the next generation on from the other, now dated options on the market.
At just 24.00 plus postage they really are something special
( Postage rate 8 )

Handy Charger

This handy little slow charger will either bring your battery up over night or can be left to slow charge at 300ma ( taking care easily of the battery drain an alarm gives )
Best of all the price.. At just 8.00 it will not exactly break the bank( Postage rate 5 )